Friday, November 10, 2017

Meet the Stones

Hey Everyone!

What is this blog? We are the Stones and we've created this blog as means of documenting our travels together. 

Why are YOU here? Chances are that you are one of Lenni's 6 friends and she made you read this. If you are a friend of Devon's, we have no idea how you got here...he is not a sharer... If you fall into neither category, maybe you are a person of modest financial means, like us, who has been dying to do some travel, and want to see if we have any insightful tips to offer you. We will likely disappoint, but in a totally endearing way.

Who are WE? Lenni and Devon have known each other since they looked like this: 

(Yes, we are 16 and 17 years old in this photo. We've known each other since we were 12 and 13, and we like each other A LOT!)

Our brilliant wedding photographer made us look like this (photo credit to Gillian Gordon): 
But in reality, we look like this....
So why this blog? Lenni and Devon spent the better part of their 20's living in and out of NYC, while pursuing careers as actors. When they grew endlessly DONE with the unimpressive lifestyle of eating Easy-Mac 3 times per day and collecting seat cushion change to pay their NYC rent, they returned to their native Boston. In their first shot at a vacation together, Lenni dragged Devon to the happiest place on earth: Disney World! Devon had never been and didn't understand the hype....until he saw the flight of the macaws at the opening morning ceremony at Animal Kingdom.* 

*Side note:
Devon truly prefers animals over humans. If he could legally marry his cat, this blog would feature no Lenni and more photos like this:
Needless to say, Devon was reduced to a puddle of tears at the sight of the majestic and colorful birds flying in tandem... his condition did not improve on the Safari either. 

Our next stop was Epcot. And it was here that our travel dreams began. At the time, we had decided that Epcot's Plastic Tower of Pisa was probably the closest we'd get to a European excursion. We'd be lying if we denied that we walked around the park immersing ourselves in the architecture, food, and fun that Disney presented to us,  pathetically taking it all authentically at face value... 

Post-Disney, we began collecting magnets of all the places we'd been. You can see our tremendous travel variation below:
It was this VERY, VERY, sad occurrence, that led us to the re-evaluation of our priorities. It suddenly became clear that our noble pursuits of remaining starving artists for all eternity were the very thing in the way of us experiencing the wide world's offerings beyond our annual visits to Cape Cod and the Plastic Eiffel Tower at Epcot

Enter the O.G. of independent budget travel, Rick Steves.

It was true love for us both. Rick became a staple of entertainment in our apartment. Between his adorably awkward antics with the locals and his savvy tips on saving money, we knew we were in excellent hands. Fortunately, Netflix was able to help us get our daily fix of Rick Steves. With his gentle guidance and silvery tones, in a 2-week period, we were convinced that we were ready, and impulsively booked a trip, 10 months out, to Amsterdam. 

                                Thanks, Rick Steves!

What's next? So here we are in 2017, married, and about to take our first international trip together. And...this will be Devon's FIRST TIME EVER out of the country! We will be filling up "Our Adventure Book"...

Stay tuned for our tips, tricks, recommendations, and anecdotal adventures.

Up Next: 
December 2017: Amsterdam, 4 day, budget friendly, bundle package.
March 2018: Disney World (3.0), Lenni turns 30 and brings a friend to crash the romance.
June 2018: Greece (Athens, Santorini, Mykonos & Paros), our official Honeymoon.


  1. Had no idea what to expect from this blog and was completely blown away by the immediate openness, self-deprecation and homey humor. Here's a suggestion when you start your travels: along with bringing back a souvenir that is stereotypical to that country, also get a joke or anecdote that pertains specifically to that country or region. Might be interesting to find out which country has the best sense of humor or lack of same. Congrats, I'll be looking forward to your installments.

  2. Fun blog! When I travel I like to find the hole in the wall places that only local people know about... Ironically I found those tiny places in the pages of Lonely Planet Travel Guide books! I also make sure to ask local people where the best spots to eat are because that's what I'm most interested in when I travel!

    Xoxo Hannah

  3. Wit as sharp as Vermont cheddar! I'll roll with the stones.


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